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MEC has safe replacements for toxic chemicals.

Our mission, for the past 20 years, has been to develop safe replacements for unsafe chemicals used in industry. We have been successful in introducing environmentally friendly chemicals that work better than the toxic chemicals they replace. MEC has introduced the following safe chemicals:

  • Food grade acids as replacements for hazardous mineral acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric and others for steel manufacturing and finishing
  • Safe alternatives to replace mineral acids for cleaning aluminum
  • Acids that can be used, rejuvenated and reused many times and in most cases, are sewer safe
  • Safe replacements for caustic soda used to degrease and clean both emulsifiers and non-emulsifiers. Oils can then be removed from the rinse run-off before recycling it for further use.
  • Water-based rust and soft metal corrosion inhibitors that are safe and need not be removed prior to subsequent processes such as painting, plating and burning
  • Safe alternatives for thrichlorethelene, methylene chloride, methyl-ethyl-ketone, and more
  • Water-based cleaners for removing water and petroleum-based inks

MEC cleans many different items for our customers using our safe cleaning chemicals. Please see our Services page for a list of the items we clean and the methods we use for effective cleaning.

MEC can develop a process for cleaning your parts and provide the chemicals to you or we can clean them at our facility with no cost obligation. When you use MEC to perform the cleaning, we take full responsibility for dealing with the contaminated rinse run-off. Our facility is licensed with the EPA and we are authorized to process the waste before proper disposal.

MEC was founded on (and continues to uphold) strict operating parameters that respect and preserve the environment. If you would like to know about a safe replacement for one of the products you are currently using, please give us a call.

For all your Ultrasonic needs, please visit our Ultrasonic Website.