Metal Cleaning Services


MEC uses large dip tanks of safe chemicals to strip paint and rust from antique car, truck bodies, frames and all other metal parts. Once the parts are cleaned, MEC uses a water based rust inhibitor to keep the steel parts from re-rusting for up to 60 days when stored under roof. The inhibitor is easily removed. Antique car enthusiasts and antique car restoration companies appreciate our quick turnaround cleaning process.

Click here to view our Parts Cleaning Price Sheet (PDF).


MEC has the experience and technology to offer excellent in-house cleaning services for industries using a number of different techniques such as Dip Tank Cleaning, Mechanical Cleaning, Pressure Washer Cleaning and Circulation in Place Cleaning. MEC also has a drying room/dehydration chamber when required for specialized cleaning processes. Some examples of what we can clean for you are as follows:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Paint Rejects
  • Aluminum
  • Electric Cables
  • Molds & Dies
  • Nuts & Bolts

MEC is not limited to cleaning only these items. Have something you can’t get clean? Send us a sample and let us try!


MEC can save you money and time by salvaging old rusty, painted metal items that would be costly to replace. Some of the items which we have cleaned for customers include:

  • Tools
  • Household Radiators
  • Cast Iron Griddles
  • Burner Grills
  • Grease & Exhaust Filters
  • Quad/Motorcycle Frames & Parts
  • Outdoor Metal Furniture
  • Metal Handrails & Railings
  • Memorial Plaques
  • Statues

Please note that MEC has the capability to fully restore statues and plaques.

We can clean most anything made of metal!